About Edward Charles Foundation

Our mission is to provide a legal framework and operational assistance to philanthropists, offering them flexibility to run their charitable activities underneath an umbrella of trust, stewardship and impact.

Edward Charles Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, classified as a public charity. We act as your “fiscal sponsor” or “fund sponsor” enabling you to engage in philanthropy, without the legal and operational burden of starting a new non-profit.


How Does It Work? 

Rather than set up your own independent charitable entity, our clients run underneath our corporate umbrella. We work with you to design an operational strategy that utilizes our amazing back office team, and leverages our skill and knowledge in the charity sector to bring your vision to life.

We help lead your business to success by following our 5 Guiding Principles:

  • Listen to the Philanthropist

  • Create Meaningful Partnerships

  • Think Big

  • Maximize Your Vision

  • Measure Your Impact

Kent Seton
CEO & Founder

Kirk Scott

ECF Team